What Was the Volvo S90?

The Volvo S90 belongs to the range of rear-wheel-drive cars and vehicles that were built by Volvo, the car manufacturer from Sweden. This vehicle was manufactured and built during the 1980s and the 1990s. Just like the range of vehicles that it belonged to, the Volvo S90 was crafted and created so as to tickle the interest and appeal of the American market. By doing such, Volvo then was able to further expand its growing company in the United States.

Going back to Volvo history, the Volvo S90 was actually first introduced as the Volvo 960. This vehicle was first launched in the autumn of 1990. This was done so because the company wanted the vehicle to be on the streets come the following year. This vehicle has become the replacement for the Volvo 760. The last two years that this vehicle was into production and manufactured, it was called the Volvo S90 or as the Volvo V90. The production of this line of Volvo models was entirely halted come the year 1998.

It has been said that the Volvo S90, when the vehicle model had been called as such, only went through minor changes. These changes included an altering and modification as per its switches, levers and center console. There were also some additional features like additional tweeters and pillars that surely added and enhanced the passenger compartment. Because of these changes, the Volvo S90, later on, sped through the race to the top and grabbed the top spot of Volvo’s product lineup for the United States and North America.

The Volvo S90s that were marketed and sold in the United States came equipped with an electronically controlled Asian AW automatic gearbox. However, if you go to Europe, the Volvo S90s there during the beginning of the model year 1995 held 2.5-liter engines that became available along with the manual gearbox. This was called the M90 and was considered to be a strong design and a good source of power.

Other standard features that this vehicle held included power driver seats, passenger leather seats, heated power outside rearview mirrors, and a power tilt glass sunroof with one-touch open and slide features. Given as options were heated seats, an outside temperature gauge, an automatic locking differential, a stereo/cassette, and a CD player, as well as a remote-controlled compact disc charger.

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