The Colleges Who Are Offering Online Degrees in Australia

There was a time when there was a certain stigma attached to colleges offering online degrees. People thought that online classes were easier and didn’t actually carry the same importance as a regular class. But times have changed, and any legitimate school that offers online classes has to keep up the same standards in their online classes as they do in the traditional classes.

Colleges offering online degrees come in two varieties – those that are accredited and those that are not. The hallmarks of an unaccredited school are easy to spot. They will often offer credits for “life experience”, and they will take you at your word about your past college experiences, rather than require you to send in transcripts. They may ask you to write an essay which will take the place of numerous classes, and you will receive your diploma for virtually no work at all.

Although this may sound tempting, not only will you not learn anything along the way, but no respectable employer will accept a degree from an unaccredited college. And, if you should want to get a higher degree later on, you will not be able to use an unaccredited degree either.

Colleges offering online degrees that are accredited will make you work for your degree. It won’t be easy, and you will spend long nights on the computer, writing papers and studying. But, you will come away with a degree that is worth the work, and one that will increase your earning power for the rest of your life.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, or a working person with a full-time job, an online degree is a great way to improve your life, improve your ability to get a better and more high paying job in the future, and a way to feel better about yourself.

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