Visa or Mastercard Which One is the Best Prepaid Debit Card Online?

Visa or Mastercard Which One is the Best Prepaid Debit Card Online? Honestly, it really makes no difference as to whether it’s a Visa prepaid debit card or Mastercard. They are both well known, widely accepted for online purchases, instant debit transactions, and ATMs around the globe. Both household names, both equally accessible.

However, I have found the Visa prepaid debit card to be the best online pre-paid card online? Why? I just find it has been accepted more at the places that I shop or sites where I make online purchases.

But that’s just me.

Regardless of which pre-paid debit credit you choose, here are a couple of other things you may want to consider before you make a decision.

Online Checking – Make sure your prepaid debit card comes with an online checking account attached. It typically functions just as if it were a regular checking account: routing number and account number included. You basically have the same conveniences of a traditional bank account, but just without the ‘paper’ check.

Direct Deposit – Like a regular checking account, be sure to make direct deposit an option. This allows you to have your paycheck to be deposited directly into your prepaid card account, online, at midnight, without delay. Most ‘free checking accounts require direct deposit, so make sure to use that option.

No Activation Fees – Online checking accounts and non-Chex System banks are happy to have your business, but not all are the same. Some will charge a one-time activation fee, but there are a few good prepaid debit cards that won’t charge you a thin dime to activate your card.

Quick Mastercard or Visa prepaid card delivery – If you’re looking for a prepaid debit or credit card, you probably need it as soon as possible. Make sure they guarantee fast delivery, some will even deliver your new card directly to your mailbox within 48 hours. Fast service upfront guarantees good service down the road!

And last but not least, Instant approval for your prepaid debit card is a must. Many of these online prepaid card providers will approve you instantly. No credit checks, no ChexSystems checking, 100% approval. Another advantage if you have bad credit is that by opening an online checking account you get a chance to rebuild credit, without being denied the opportunity to repair your credit.

I personally use the best, Visa prepaid is how I roll. Apply online for a checking account, have your card sitting in your mailbox in a day or two, and your ready to have all of the benefits of a traditional checking account with your prepaid card.

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