Reason to Choose UK Dedicated Servers

For a UK-based online business, selecting a UK dedicated server over a dedicated server solution based in another country, for example, the US, solution is extremely beneficial. Choosing a web hosting company that serves the same country where you do business is always preferred as you can easily travel to the hosting company to check the quality of infrastructure they are having, and also if you have colocated your company’s web servers there, then you can always be in more control over the servers’ management by your own web experts.

Interacting with the hosting company’s support teams or even chatting with your local clients, website visitors, and online customers over the phone is quite cheaper than using long-distance or overseas phone calls if online companies, as well as their web hosting companies, are based in different and distant countries, for example in the US and the UK. Apart from the proximity of the location of the web hosting company and such cost-effective features, there are many other benefits:

For your UK-based online business, using the UK-based dedicated servers can mean faster connectivity and better interaction with your local offline and online customers, and other website visitors. Being located in the same time zone is a huge advantage where customer interaction is concerned. Your technical and customer support staff will be able to understand the local accents better. Indeed, this is a major concern when the company’s staff is located in a different region, the accent barrier and the different time zones act as business hurdles more often than not.

Besides these marketing-related problems, the accounting process also becomes difficult due to the ever-changing foreign exchange rates. Local UK customers will obviously trust the UK-based online company more, as much as they trust the local brick and mortar businesses. These are very important features from all the legal aspects as well.

For the UK-based online businesses, using a UK dedicated server — using a dedicated server hosting company based in UK will also mean better search engine results for the sales of their key products and services. As UK surfers naturally use UK-based search engines, for example,, exclusively to search for products and services, ranking very high for your products and services in the same-location search engines will produce better sales results for your UK-based online company. Search engines now have their servers in specific locations all over the world, and they give more importance to the websites hosted on local web servers. Hence, if you need better search engine results in the UK for your SEO efforts, you should host your website on a web server based in the UK data center.

Therefore from a business point of view, your UK-based online business should use a hosting service and preferably use UK dedicated servers to not only get better and faster-hosting services and support from your local web host but also to serve your local customers better. All these factors also help you produce better sales results in a cost-effective way, give better search engine results, save more foreign exchange, produce more local jobs, of course, produce a better customer relationship with the local citizens. All these factors mean better long-time prospects for your company over a longer time.

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