Online MBA Course – How Do I Apply?

If you plan to study MBA and you are an internet-savvy person, it is more suitable for you to register for an online MBA course instead of having a traditional one. If you are very keen on having your own personalized online education, you need to apply for this particular course via accredited top business schools such as Thunderbird, Instituto de Empresa (IE) of Madrid, and the Duke University of USA.

How do you apply for it?

First of all, you need to decide which course that you want to study. Make sure you choose the right course and meet the requirements of the course program. Find a suitable MBA major that is able to boost your career path.

Certainly, you need to get application forms ready and fill in every particular. Application forms are available for download from the business school website. You can complete the application form either offline or online. Avoid downloading application forms or course information files from email or instant messenger. These are the basic steps to avoid being phished. Download these forms from reliable resources.

You might be given a list of documents that you need to attach to your application form. Those important documents that need to be included are your transcript, current resume, and results of GMAT (if it is applicable). In addition, if you are not a US citizen, you should include a photocopy of your VISA or permanent resident alien card and your TOEFL scores.

If you have relevant bachelor’s degree qualifications or any other postgraduate qualifications, try to apply for an exemption or credit transfer. It is pointless and redundant if you have taken the same course that had taken in your undergraduate studies.

Bear in mind that every application has its own due date. Make sure you will be able to complete the application form within a given period of time. If you have any problems regarding course application, you should refer to their ‘Information Center” for further assistance in completing the forms. You are required to pay a small amount for the application fee.

After your application has been reviewed, the authorities will send you an offer letter and registration pack. If you do not meet the entrance requirements, their Admissions team will advise you about what you need to do to become eligible.

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